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Notice of Intent Checklist

Fall River Conservation Commission

1. Fully complete and sign all of the necessary forms

2. Fee is divided into two payments: 

One check to City of Fall River - Amount equals one-half (½) of total fee plus $12.50
One check to Department of Environmental Protection - Amount equals one-half (½) of total fee minus $12.50

3. Notify all property owners within 100 feet of the property line of the Site using an Abutter Notification Form; send by certified mail, return receipt requested; prepare and sign a written affidavit to indicate notifications have been sent; provide list of names and addresses of abutters who were notified
Please bring the green Certified Mail receipt cards to the meeting

4. Six copies of the following items along with the City check should be submitted to the Conservation Commission office:

  • All applicable MA DEP forms
  • NOI forms
  • Wetland Fee Transmittal forms
  • Stormwater Management forms (if necessary)
  • Abutter notification form, list of abutters, and affidavit
  • Signed and Stamped Site plans
  • Locus map

*Please note that if the plans for your project are 24” x 36” in size and consist of numerous sheets (more than five), you can provide one full-size set of plans, and five sets that are reduced in size to 11” x 17”; please be sure that the plans are signed and stamped by a Massachusetts Professional Engineer or Land Surveyor

5. Mail one copy of the above listed items to:  Department of Environmental Protection, Wetlands Division, 20 Riverside Drive, Lakeville, MA 02347

6. Mail Department of Environmental Protection check to:  Dept. of Environmental Protection, Box 4062, Boston MA  02211 with a copy of the Wetland Fee Transmittal Form

7. Complete form for the Herald News ad and deliver to the Fall River Herald News.  The ad must appear one time, at least 5 business days before the Conservation Commission meeting

At the Conservation Commission meeting, please bring in the green (certified mail) receipt cards from the abutter notification and a clipping from the paper, a printout from the Internet, or a receipt of the advertisement that you had printed in the Fall River Herald News