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Parking Ban

For a copy of the Winter Weather Guide brochure, please click here.


Parking Ban
During inclement weather, your safety is the city’s number one priority. Prior to snowfall, the Department of Community Maintenance pre-treats city streets.


When necessary, a parking ban will go into effect to allow police, fire and medical emergency vehicles clear access to all streets while allowing better access to snow plows for cleaner and safer streets. Please be patient during and after snow storms as plows clear snow from main arteries, hills, emergency routes and secondary streets.


A parking ban will be declared when 3 inches or more of snow are predicted. In order to ensure clean, safe streets, the ban may go into effect prior to the snowfall. An announcement will be made ahead of time to give residents the opportunity to move their car.


Parking regulations during a parking ban
Parking regulations are strictly enforced during declared parking bans. Violations are subject to ticketing and towing.


The cost of a parking violation during a ban is $40. During a major snow storm, towing fees will include a $75 charge for each vehicle towed and a $20 per day storage fee after the first 24 hours.


Do not park within 20 feet of a corner or within 10 feet of a fire hydrant. Parking is allowed on the north side of all city streets that run east and west or on the west side of all streets that run north and south. In most cases, this means no parking on the fire hydrant side.


Parking is allowed, unless posted, on both sides of any street divided by a traffic median. Parking against the median is prohibited.


Click here to download a list of streets where the parking ban applies.


Click here to download a map of where the parking ban applies.

Parking locations during a parking ban
Flint Municipal Parking Lot on Pleasant Street
Columbia Street Municipal Parking Lot at Columbia and Hunter Streets
Park Drive at Kennedy Park
Britland Park on Front Street
NB Borden School on Morgan Street


Depending on the severity of the storm, additional parking will be announced through the local media outlets.


MassHighway’s Traveling Tips During Winter Weather


Snow removal regulations
Shovel sidewalks abutting your residence or business. This also includes wheelchair ramps extending from the sidewalk into the street.


Sidewalks and ramps should be cleared at the end of a snowstorm. Do not place snow or ice on a cleared sidewalk, driveway or street. Pile snow behind or in front of your vehicle or on the edge of the sidewalk. Clear fire hydrants, catch basins, ramps and corners on your street. Violations are subject to fines.


Towing Tips
During a parking ban, please call the Fall River Police Station at 508-676-8511 ext. 163 for the location of the towed vehicle. All towing fees must be paid to the respective tow company prior to the release of stored vehicles.


During a major snow storm, cars will be towed to lots designated by the city instead. Please call Storm Central at 508-324-2600 for the location of your vehicle. Residents will be able to pay for their parking fines and towing fees at these locations.



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