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Regular Meeting of the City Council
Tuesday, March 21 2017, 7:00pm

or immediately following the Committee on Finance meeting if that meeting runs past 7:00 p.m.


Revised Agenda


Agenda Packet 1


Agenda Packet 2




1.         *Transfers and appropriations (see #1 Finance)

2.         *Mayor and order for emergency CPA funding for an elevator at the Maritime Museum

   (formerly the Marine Museum)

3.         *Mayor requesting amendment to Section 42-1(c) of city ordinances re: regulation and

   maintenance of vacant and foreclosing residential properties    


PRIORITY COMMUNICATIONS                                                                                                                             

4.         Traffic Commission recommending amendments to the traffic ordinances


  Committee on Ordinances and Legislation recommending:

     First Reading:

5.         *Proposed ordinance – Traffic, miscellaneous

      All readings with Emergency Preamble:

6.         *Proposed ordinance – Traffic, handicapped parking

     Adoption, as amended:

7.         *Resolution – removal of city employees from boards and commissions


8.         *Order - Corporation Counsel prepare home rule petition to separate cemeteries from

               Board of Park Commissioners

     Grant leave to withdraw:

9.         *Communication – City resident requesting cap on tobacco licenses                       

  Committee on Public Works and Transportation recommending:

     Grant leave to withdraw:

10.       *Order – curb removal - Robert Maynard, 394 Hancock Street – total of 44 feet at 394 Hancock Street

11.       *Orders – To install backhaul transport equipment on new single utility pole locations with electricity connection for Mobilitie, LLC, as      


a.    West of the intersection of Pleasant and Thirteenth Street on Pleasant Street

b.    East of the intersection of Pleasant and Eighth Streets on Pleasant Street

c.    Southwest of the intersection of Highland Avenue and Prospect Street on Highland Avenue

d.    Southwest of the intersection of Prospect and Hanover Streets on Hanover Street

e.    Northeast of the intersection of Bedford Street and Stonehaven Road on Stonehaven Road

f.     Northwest of the intersection of North Main and Cherry Streets on Cherry Street

g.    Southwest of the intersection of Seventeenth and Pleasant Streets on Seventeenth Street

h.    East of the intersection of Pine and High Streets on Pine Street 

i.     Northeast of the intersection of Graham and Currant Roads on Graham Road 

j.     Northeast of the intersection of Rodman and Lonsdale Streets on Rodman Street 

k.    Northeast of the intersection of Dover and Snell Streets on Dover Street

l.     South of the intersection of Elsbree and Montgomery Streets on Elsbree Street

m.   Northeast of the intersection of Plymouth Avenue and Tecumseh Street on Plymouth Avenue

n.    Northeast of the intersection of Orange and Pine Streets on Orange Street




12.       *Committee on Ordinances and Legislation convene to discuss certification and licensing

               of Sober Houses                                      

13.       *Committee on Finance convene with Administration to provide update on street light pole

                  and bulb replacement

14.       *Committee on Finance convene with Administration to provide update on how the City is

                  addressing abandoned properties

15.       *Administration provide information on presence of Tobey Disposal at Lewiston Street


16.       *City Council support House Bill No. 5151 designating June as Seatbelt Awareness Month

17.       *City Council support the work initiative of Somerset Selectman Holly McNamara and

               Team Lead John Myron regarding Hyperloop transportation

18.       *City Council items lifted from the table not be discussed unless listed on the agenda




 Auto Repair Shop License:

19.       Timothy Cabral d/b/a Aberdeen Auto LLC at 163-165 Aberdeen Street


Curb removals:

20.      Lidia Cardoso, 192 Haffards Street – total of 23 feet at 192 Haffards Street

21.      Matthew Hiscock, 946 Walnut Street – total of 61.6 feet at 946 Walnut Street           



22.       *The sum of $20,000 be transferred from Law Department Expenses to City Council

               Expenses for legal counsel

23.       *Seating area located in front of Columbia Street Municipal Parking Lot be dedicated

               to Antone “Tony” Avilla

24.       City Engineer prepare plans for acceptance of Bell Street from Corbett Street to dead end

25.       Police Chief’s report on licenses

              Taxicab Drivers:

                        Timothy E. Adams                  Adam DeMedeiros                  Starley Dorcely

                        Michael V. Friedlander            Stephen Furtado                     Jacqulin Hardy

                        Darren Machado                     Amaka K. Onwukwe                Todd Pina

                        David Rioux                           Brian Tetrault                         Christopher Younie


              Private Livery Drivers:

                        Lisa F. Defrias                         Michael V. Friedlander            Luis M. Silva


              Second Hand Licenses:

                        Wayne Confoey d/b/a Cash for Gold

                        Howard Sperberg & Andrew Jaynes d/b/a Pawtucket Pawnbrokers Too

                        Alan Confoey d/b/a Alan’s Jewelry

                        Robert Janelle d/b/a Our Place

                        TVI d/b/a Savers

                        Joey & Ana Pacheco d/b/a Pacheco’s Used Furniture


Auto Repair Shop license transfers:

26.       Miller Garcia d/b/a Global Care Auto Service, Inc. to Zaqueu Francisco Da Silva d/b/a Zack’s        

                  Garage Auto Service at 65 Manchester Street

27.       Gary Dutra d/b/a G & D Auto Sales LLC to Phillip DeDucca d/b/a 851 Motor Sales at 851

                  Globe Street



28.       *Claims

29.       Drainlayer license – Steen Realty and Development Corporation

30.       *City resident requesting to purchase city owned property adjacent to 270 London Street

31.       *Communication from Attorney General regarding OML complaint of January 23, 2017

              regarding alleged violation occurring on  December 27, 2016

32.       *Communication from Attorney General closing matter of OML complaint from meeting held

                  on October 11, 2016

            City Council Committee/Meeting Minutes:

33.       *Special City Council Meeting – February 28, 2017

34.       *Special City Council Meeting – March 1, 2017

35.       *Committee on Ordinances and Legislation – February 27, 2017

36.       *Committee on Public Works and Transportation – February 28, 2017



37.       Notice of Casualty and Loss at 367 Stetson Street

38.       *Mass DEP re:  Emergency authorization – Floating Dock Extension at Bicentennial

              Park Boat Ramp


ALISON M. BOUCHARD                                                                                                                               

City Clerk





  Committee on Finance:

            Collective bargaining agreement for Teamsters Local 251 Public Works Unit

               (If recommendation is received by Finance Committee)

            Collective bargaining agreement for IAFF Local 1314 Fall River Firefighters

               (If recommendation is received by Finance Committee)



            *Committee on Public Works and Transportation meet with various parties re: Newton Street parking issues


Location : Council Chamber, Second Floor, Government Center
Contact : City Clerk's Office, 508-324-2220; City Council Office, 508-324-2233