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City Council Public Hearing
Tuesday, February 21 2017, 5:45pm





Curb Removals


1.            Robert Maynard, 394 Hancock Street, requests driveway opening as follows:

                                                                  Proposed                                                         Total

                                   Existing                  Driveway                        Existing To Be          Driveway

                                   Driveway                 Access                          Replaced                  Access


394 Hancock Street   12 feet                    Two 16 foot openings    0 feet                        44 feet

                                  (Hancock St.)          (Caleb St.)

394 Hancock Street is a corner lot on Hancock Street and Caleb Street. The property has 90 feet of frontage on Hancock Street with an existing 12 foot driveway. The property has an additional 104 feet of frontage on Caleb Street. The rear (north) portion of the lot is fenced, which includes 48 feet fronting Caleb Street.

The applicant is intending to install two gates and a “U” shaped driveway to the fenced portion of his property to allow ease of access for an RV, trailer, or similar vehicle. If each gate opens from the corner in, there remains 16 feet in between driveways for street parking, and an additional 56 feet of property frontage on Caleb Street and 70 feet on Hancock Street which is clear for street parking. An additional 15 feet on Caleb Street is available within the Hancock Street right-of-way for street parking.  The installation does not represent a significant restriction to on street parking access.


2.            Eleventh Street Associates, Inc., 231 Bedford Street, requests the removal of curbing at 0 Seventh Street, as follows:

                                                 Existing Driveway       Curb to be       Curb to be       New Driveway

                                                 Opening                      Removed        Replaced         Opening


0 Seventh Street                     0 feet                           30 feet             0 feet               30 feet

The requested curb cut would allow for full access to an automotive repair garage.           



Location : Council Chamber, Second Floor, Government Center
Contact : City Clerk's Office, 508-324-2220