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Regular Meeting of the City Council
Tuesday, August 15 2017, 7:00pm

or immediately following the Committee on Finance meeting if that meeting runs past 7:00 p.m.


Agenda Packet


Revised Agenda



1.         *Confirmation of Jason Burns to the Housing Authority

2.         *Confirmation of David H. Saber to the Zoning Board of Appeals (Alternate Member)

3.         *Mayor and request for residency waiver for Rochelle St. Martin Pettenati to serve as

                      member of the Cultural Council

4.         *Mayor and order of land acquisition from the Atlantis Charter School

5.         *Mayor and proposed ordinance establishing a Municipal Hearings Officer and procedures

               under M.G.L. 40U

6.         *Corporation Counsel regarding Fall River City Council v. Maura Healey, Attorney General



7.         Traffic Commission recommending amendments to the traffic ordinances

8.         *Attorney General’s Office regarding an open meeting law complaint

9.         *The Preservation Society of Fall River, Inc. requesting the appointment of Kathryn Kenney

               to the Fall River Historic District Commission

10.       *Board of Election Commissioners re: Charter Commission ballot question and summary to         

               be placed on the Municipal Election Ballot, November 7, 2017

11.       *Board of Election Commissioners and warrant for Preliminary Municipal Election,

              September 12, 2017 and Municipal Election, November 7, 2017



  Committee on Public Works and Transportation recommending:


12.       *Order – acceptance of a “Complete Streets Policy”



     Second Reading and enrollment:

13.       *Proposed Ordinance – Personnel, Manager of Operations – Streets and Highways DCM

14.       *Proposed Ordinance – Personnel, Project Manager, Facilities Maintenance

15.       *Proposed Ordinance – Personnel, Director of Facilities Maintenance

16.       *Proposed Ordinance – Personnel, Network Administrator (IT)


     Second Reading and enrollment, as amended:

17.       *Proposed Ordinance – Personnel, Human Resources Generalist



18.       *Committee on Finance convene with City Administrator and Director of Financial

              Service to discuss FY2018 budget cuts within various departments

19.       *Committee on Finance convene with Administration to review all expense adjustments  

               made in balancing of the Fiscal Year 2018 budget



20.       Krishan Gupta – service as City Auditor

21.       The Vieira Family & CAVS Restaurant – 2nd Anniversary

22.       Alfredo P. Alves – 70th Birthday




Curb Removals:

23.       Roland Fournier, 51 Barclay Street – total of 31 feet 10 inches at 51 Barclay Street

24.       Joe Medeiros, 742 Sharps Lot Road, Swansea – total of 18 feet at 414 Bay Street

25.       Maria Sarmento, 614 Grinnell Street – total of 22.5 feet at 614 Grinnell Street

26.       John Moniz, 110 Hemlock Street – total of 22 feet at 110 Hemlock Street

27.       Kenneth Tavares, 107 Mt. Hope Avenue – total of 35.4 feet at 107 Mt. Hope Avenue

28.       Portuguese Madeirense Sports, Inc., 106 Webster Street – total of 27 feet 4 inches

              at 102/106 Webster Street

29.       Antonio DaSilva, 148 Summer Street, Rehoboth – total of 32 feet at 116 Lonsdale Street


Second Hand Article Store:

30.       Beverly Post, d/b/a Anything at 1791 South Main Street



31.       *Home Rule Petition – An Act Authorizing the City of Fall River to grant additional

              licenses for the sale of alcoholic beverages

32.       Police Chief’s report on licenses:

              Taxicab Drivers:

                        Akeem Barlow                        Julieann Bennett         Glen J. Boutin             Michael Chenard

                        Scott Farias                 Susan Griego              Tayyab Hussain          Preston S. McNeil

                        Ricardo Raposa          David T. Rioux            Ashley Smith               Jeremiah Soares

33.       Auto Repair Shop license renewals:

            Kenneth Rapoza, JR’s Superlube, Inc. at 155 Milliken Boulevard

            Kenneth Rapoza, JR’s Superlube, Inc. at 334 Rhode Island Avenue

            Pedro Albergaria, Pete’s Auto Repair LLC at 1058 Slade Street



34.       Drainlayer licenses

                Dixon, Inc.

               T. Ford Company, Inc.

               MRC Contracting, Inc.

35.       *Claims

36.       Structure over a public way – Banner on South Main Street at Center Place

              for YMCA of Greater Fall River

37.       Southcoast MA Mini Maker Faire requesting permission to hang a banner on the rail of

              Government Center (South Main Street side) from Sept. 25, 2017 to Oct. 1, 2017

38.       Fall River Opioid Task Force requesting permission to hang a three (3) banners on the

               rails of Government Center on August 31, 2017

39.       *Office of Inspector General regarding review of audit report for the period of July 1, 2015

              through June 30, 2016

40.       *City resident requesting the City relinquish right, title and interest to a section of the

               unaccepted portion of Alice Street

            City Council Committee/Meeting Minutes:

41.       *Committee on Ordinances and Legislation – August 1, 2017

42.       *Committee on Ordinances and Legislation – July 11, 2017

43.       *Committee on Ordinances and Legislation – June 26, 2017

44.       *Committee on Ordinances and Legislation – May 23, 2017

45.       *City Council Meeting – March 21, 2017



46.       Notice of Casualty and Loss at 251 Eastern Avenue

47.       Environmental Notification Form on behalf of Liberty Utilities for sediment remediation

              activities proposed at 120 Charles Street


OTHER MATTERS (to be acted upon if recommendation is received:)

Referred by Committee on Finance:

            Order establishing spending limits for Revolving Funds for FY 2018


            Order to adopt Chapter 467 of the Acts of 2008 “An Act Relative to the

              Retirement Benefits of Emergency Medical Technicians”


             ALISON M. BOUCHARD

                       City Clerk






  Committee on Ordinances and Legislation recommending:

     Adoption, as amended:

            *Resolution – Allow submission of communications via email or regular mail for Citizen Input          


     First reading, as amended:

            *Proposed ordinance – Community Utilities personnel modifications


            Order amending dates for September City Council meetings



Location : Council Chamber, Second Floor, Government Center
Contact : City Clerk's Office, 508-324-2220; City Council Office, 508-324-2233