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Once a year in April

** Other as needed 


Board Members 

Elizabeth A. Camara, Chairperson

Manuel Leite, Clerk

David J. Dennis

Daryl Gonyon



It is the responsibility of the City of Fall River Board of Election Commissioners to comply with all local, state and federal election laws and regulations. Our duties include:  


  • Maintain overall responsibility for setting up voting precincts for elections and recruiting, training, assigning and supervising workers on election days.


  • Prepare election ballots and compiles election results.


  • Responsible for all absentee ballot procedures and supervises all recount operations.


  • Conduct the annual city census and maintains current voter registration lists.


  • Issue voter registration certificates as well as certifying residency forms for state colleges and veterans bonus applications.


  • Maintain records of residents for the jury commission.


  • Respond to inquiries of the public and other governmental agencies regarding population statistics, voting procedures, voting districts and names of elected officials.