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The Regulations

Any individual who intends on doing work within a wetland resource area or within the one hundred foot Buffer Zone that surrounds certain resource areas in the City of Fall River must file an application with the Fall River Conservation Commission prior to commencing such work.

It is important to note that many different kinds of areas constitute “resource areas”.  Some of these areas include, but are not limited to banks, riverfront areas, freshwater wetland resource areas, coastal wetland resource areas, Land Under Water and Waterways, and Land subject to flooding. 

There is a one hundred foot protective Buffer Zone around certain resource areas, including, but not limited to Bordering Vegetated Wetlands, coastal banks, coastal beaches, and salt marshes.

If you are unsure of whether the work that you are planning on doing requires you to file an application with the Fall River Conservation Commission, please contact our office at (508) 324-2340.  We will be happy to assist you.