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To improve your neighborhood’s appearance and overall quality of life, the City of Fall River has adopted a year-long cleanup program consisting of organized cleanups as well as enforcement of city ordinances and state regulations


City inspectors visit properties on a regular basis to ensure compliance with city and state building, housing, health, sanitation and safety regulations. Property owners not in compliance receive a warning notice. Failure to correct problem conditions result in non-criminal fines.


This program’s ultimate success can only be realized through a partnership between the City, as a responsible government, and its residents, and business owners as responsible community partners.


If you are interested in being a part of the cleanup effort, your local neighborhood association is a great resource for cleanup events throughout the year.



Fines can be issued without warning for violation of the rules:

$100 First Offense                            
$200 Repeat Offenses
$300 for disposal of out of town waste in Fall River

To report litter complaints or illegal dumping, call 508-324-2580.